How long does it take to submit finished photos? And many more answers.

What does an unlimited number of photos mean?

The number of photos is usually 150 to 800, depending on the extent of wedding photography and the overall event (number of wedding guests and, for example, competitions). I edit the photos one by one and select each one usable. However, I try not to overwhelm the total number, so that the viewer is not bored by constantly repeating similar photos in a row.

How long does it take to submit finished photos?

Within 14 days or by appointment. Above the competition, I try to submit photos as soon as possible. First I send a so-called tasting. It also depends on the overall extent of the wedding photography. If the newlyweds go on their honeymoon after the wedding, I will use the time and send them the first photos after their return.

Is there a booking fee? Deposit?

I didn't want a backup in the past, but after experience I found it necessary. So yes.

How long have I been taking pictures?

Over ten years. I started taking pictures of my friends at the party. Then came concerts, festivals and the first orders. Now I mainly take photos of social events and weddings.